Blazin' GG#4 Edible
GG4 capsule box with capsules.

Blazin' GG#4 Edible

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  • GG#4 may be helpful for:
    • Inflammation
    • Digestion
    • Skin Concerns
    • Getting High
    • Increased Appetite
    • Head and Neck Tension
    • Pain Relief
    • Occasional Nausea
  • Main Cannabinoid: THC is known for its psychoactive effects and may increase appetite. Working in synergy with terpenes and other cannabinoids, THC may ease head and neck tension, relieve pain and may reduce occasional nausea.
  • Main Terpene: Caryophyllene may help reduce irritation and swelling. Working in synergy with cannabinoids, caryophyllene may help support the digestive system and nourish skin.

Test Results

"Fair warning - you’ll eat lots of cereal and toast. It’s that smiley, quiet, heady high that’ll have you on the couch and eating munchies. Really great for Netflix and chill nights with friends. Your body has that warm pulse high... That body blanket that makes you feel super cozy and that life is just dandy."