Trail Blazin's Dutch Grapefruit

Designed graphic featuring Dutch Grapefruit flower, pre-rolls, and capsules.
Dutch Grapefruit
Dutch Treat #5 x Grapefruit
a-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene

Get ready to feel the wind in your lungs and a pep in your step with Trail Blazin's Dutch Grapefruit flower - the love child of another fan favorite, Grapefruit. With terpene domination in the a-Pinene category, you might feel potential relief for inflammation and respiratory conditions like asthma!

Dutch Grapefruit strain compass

Above is the Dutch Grapefruit strain compass, Trail Blazin's Dutch Grapefruit tests high in myrcene and caryophyllene, with a small 'hello' from b-pinene. These comprehensive strain compasses are courtesy of our friends at Confidence Analytics and we love how well they convey each harvest's plant-powered strengths.
With double the inflammation relief in a-Pinene and Caryophyllene, you may find Dutch Grapefruit helpful as:
  • a bronchodilator
  • a pain suppressant
  • a sleep aid
  • an anti-anxiety
  • an anti-depression
  • digestive support
  • neuro protection
Myrcene is of course famous for aiding in full-bodied relaxation through anti-inflammation: including in major diseases like Crohn's and osteoarthritis! Studies have also found it effective in tumor suppression and as an antioxidant!

Hand holding a nug of Dutch Grapefruit with a houseplant in the background.
"Perfect for getting baked while baking!"
Time and time again, Dutch Grapefruit has proven to be an underrated power player in the Trail Blazin' garden! Suggested activities on this budtastic voyage include:
  • A tasty wake'n'bake
  • Snow activities
  • Water sports
  • Hiking
  • Coding
Dutch Grapefruit Product Lineup
We know you wanna give her a toke! So spice up your life with this full-bodied flower - available as an edible, pre-roll, or good 'ole fashion leaf.
Dutch Grapefruit 3.5g jar with a large nug on a pink background. Dutch Grapefruit 2-pack of pre-rolls with an array of loose joints. 10-pack capsule box of Dutch Grapefruit.