Socially Responsible Cannabis

For people seeking physical and emotional relief,

Trail Blazin’ is the socially responsible cannabis provider of consistent and reliable medical-grade products offering consumers viable alternatives to promote their endocannabinoid systems because... Life's getting better! 

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There are 3 pillars to any socially responsible organization:

Sustainability | Community | Company

As a socially responsible company, Trail Blazin’ gives ethical consideration to our community, environment, and consumers, as well as our profits. From our supply chain to the cleaning products we use and the humans we surround ourselves with, Trail Blazin' is proud of the choices we make for the greater good.


Pesticides & heavy metals tests conducted.


Dedicated recycling programs!

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Of happy, healthy worms—munching on coffee grounds and fan leaves.


Reclamation Systems designed in-house.

Clean Green Growing Machine

At this point in time, there is only one viable, habitable planet and you’re standing on her. We have to do our part to take care of Planet Earth!  This can be really difficult for businesses because let’s be honest…the most affordable option is usually the least sustainable.

But Trail Blazin’ is committed to making the right choice for our planet. Check out some of the choices we’ve made to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible:

  • Made lighting choices that reduce our energy usage by 60% (#GoLEDs) - this decreased our yield by 30% the first year, quite an economic blow until we adjusted for the new type of lighting.
  • Created a water reclamation system, reusing 95% of our water - water is cheap and plentiful where we are located. However, reusing it is the right thing to do.
  • Upcycled foam packaging from our lights into bean bag chairs for local non-profits.  Environmental and community win?! You know it!
  • Invest in companies to recycle our single-use plastic, nitrile gloves, and styrofoam. It’s not cheap, but we wouldn't do it any other way!
  • Feed our biowaste to our worms #TheCycleOfLife
  • Reuse single-sided printed paper - we know this seems small, but it has a big impact.
  • Avoid water-based nutrients  - because who wants to ship jugs of mostly water all over the world?

Building Up Our Blazin' Community

Trail Blazin' is deeply dedicated to our community and participates as an active member of many associations, including The Cannabis Alliance, the WA Farm Bureau, our local Chamber of Commerce, and the Association of WA Businesses (AWB).  I was the president of The Cannabis Alliance for 3 years, a board member of AWB, and am an ambassador with the Chamber.  Trail Blazin’ has actively fought to:

  • Removed the quarantine period (2018)
  • Decrease cannabis packaging waste by <50% (2019)
  • Expunge records for those with cannabis convictions (2019)
  • Allow children on licensees into their farms (2020)
  • Update the medical cannabis certification (2021)
  • Update the medical cannabis logo (2022)
  • Allow all WA residents to grow cannabis; homegrown
  • Remove the 37% excise tax for medical cannabis
  • Replace the term marijuana with the term cannabis
  • Arrest protection for patients
  • Clarify cannabis as agriculture
  • Create an agricultural cannabis commission

Trail Blazin' is also one of only a few farms that sell clones to patients as we believe everyone should have access to affordable health care.

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Pesticides & Heavy Metals Free

Did you know that pesticide testing hasn’t been mandatory in WA until April 2022? And that consumers can continue to purchase untested products until 2023? However, at Trail Blazin’ we have paid for more than 600 pesticides tests since 2017 - regardless of whether the government mandates it or not!

At Trail Blazin' we believe pesticides are not safe for human consumption and combustion. That is why we don't use any pesticides on our products. Instead, we use clean practices and beneficial insects to mitigate pests. By going above & beyond to not use any pesticides, this translates to increased health and safety not only for our consumers and patients, but for our Team Members as well. Test results can be found 24/7 by visiting our public Google Drive.

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Growing Medically Compliant Cannabis 

Cannabis is medicine first and foremost. Just ask a veteran or chronic illness warrior! And out of 1,500 WA cannabis farms, Trail Blazin' is proudly one of only a handful of Department of Health (DOH) compliant growers across the state. 'DOH Complaint' is the official term for medical-grade cannabis.

And, if you care about what you put in your body - only DOH Compliant products have been tested for pesticides and heavy metals to the DOH's standards. This means they are clean, green, and safe for consumption. If this is the healthiest option, why aren't more companies certified? If they send in a lab sample that doesn't pass testing, the entire crop has to be destroyed!

Want safe cannabis? Look for this state official logo!

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To Wrap Up

At the end of the day, we all want to spend with companies who walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  Companies that make choices with the best interest of the environment and their community in mind. Trail Blazin’ is the cannabis for you!