Trail Blazin's Northern Lights #5

Designed graphic featuring different Northern Lights #5 from Trail Blazin'.
Northern Lights #5
Afghani Legacy
Terpinolene, a-Pinene, Limonene

Growing the 'oldies & goldies' is important to Trail Blazin' since medical cannabis consumers rely on the flower they know works best for them. Northern Lights #5 is no exception, serving up a piney smoke that will leave you feeling lost in the most beautiful woods.

As a soothing evening companion, Trail Blazin's Northern Lights #5 wraps you in a warm embrace as this indica-dominant dream bud brings on a carefree calm. Made to melt your stress away.

The strain compass from Confidence Analytics for Trail Blazin's Northern Lights #5.

Up until this point, each of Trail Blazin' trusted strains falls neatly into a terpene dominant category: like myrcene, caryophyllene, or terpinolene. But our Northern Lights #5 colors far outside its Pinene category lines, creating a shape and terpene structure uniquely its own.

With high an almost even balance of a-pinene, myrcene, and terpinolene with an evenly weighted second wave of caryophyllene, limonene, b-ocimene, and b-pinene!

The power of this unique flower is bursting with potential benefits including:

Not sure if this is the strain for you? Grab one of our 2-pack edible capsules or 2-pack pre-rolls and enjoy the ease of discovery at your fingertips.

A bundle of Northern Lights #5 products glowing under a fire and twinkle lights.

With genetics descending from the original Northern Lights, an Afghani Legacy strain, this heirloom flower has perfected the art of deep muscle relaxation and dreamy euphoria. She's classically relaxed and perfect for boosting moods, appetites, and a comfort in your own skin.

Our expertly cured buds retain their full terpene and cannabinoid profiles, releasing rich aromas, even as you break them apart. Enjoy her nuanced flavors after a long day as Northern Lights #5 ushers in tranquility and contentment.

Looking for some suggested activities to pair with your 'high'? Try some of these:

  • Cozy up by a fire
  • Sip a warm cuppa tea
  • Finish a puzzle
  • Play a video game
  • Eat a pizza
  • Bake some treats
  • Go for a walk
  • Write about something

If you're wondering how best to consume Trail Blazin', we believe in different speeds for different needs! That's why you'll find this bud as flower, pre-rolls, or edibles (that can be easily added to your cooking routine).

3.5g jar of Trail Blazin Northern Lights #5 on a light blue background. 2-pack of Northern Lights #5 pre-rolls from Trail Blazin' on a light blue background 10-pack of Northern Lights #5 edible capsules from Trail Blazin'.