Trail Blazin's Dutch-47

Designed image of Dutch-47 products on an orange background.
Dutch Treat #5 x AK-47
Terpinolene, Myrcene, Ocimene
Trail Blazin's Dutch-47 classic Pacific Northwest profile. As the perfect energizing pick-me-up, this strain boasts a smooth smoke with a piney taste, leaving you feeling lively and clear. The last thing you'll want to do is sit around inside!
Dutch-47 strain compass based on Confidence Analytics test results.


Earlier in 2023, our trusted testing team at Confidence Analytics created a new system for educating consumers on cannabis terpenes that they're calling Strain Compasses.

Each anchor of the web represents a primary terpene found in cannabis and the contrasting lines of the dominant average versus the individual strain begins to take shape!

Above, you can see that Trail Blazin's Dutch-47 tends to follow the crowd when it comes to Myrcene and Caryophyllene but jumps a little more drastically toward Ocimene where other strains might present with Limonene.


Close-up photo of a Dutch-47 dube tube on some seaweed.

"Damn, this Dutch-47 doesn't mess around. Even as an experienced smoker, the first hit gets you!"
Suggested activities for Dutch-47 include:
  • Beach combing
  • Farming/gardening
  • Dirt/mountain biking
  • Chasing waterfalls
  • Treasure hunting
  • A weekend camping trip
We recommend bringing Trail Blazin's Dutch-47 along on your favorite adventure and enjoy the best of what plants have to offer!
Dutch-47 flowers standing tall under the LEDs in the garden.
But it's not just fun and games with this bud. As medically minded growers, Dutch-47 was curated to provide whole-plant health and overall wellness, too. 
Dutch-47 could be helpful for the following:
  • Cell Health
  • Heart Function
  • Getting High
  • Increased Appetite
  • Head and Neck Tension
  • Pain Relief
  • Occasional Nausea

Which means you'll feel ready to take on the world! So grab Blazin's Dutch-47 in flower, pre-roll, or edible forms and take life head-on.