Blazin’ Amnesia
Super Silver Haze x Neville’s haze
  • Hyper & Lemon Lime
  • Intense head high
  • Make moves on creative ideas

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“Helloooo, where am I?!” Sets your brain aflare and lights up your creative capacities. Seriously potent, it’ll have you firing on all cylinders and smiling ear to ear!.”

Blazin’ Dutch-47
dutch treat #5 x ak-47
  • Heady & Evergreen
  • Grabs like a dab
  • Walks in the forest

– 1st Place; Best Sativa; 2015 Budtenders Cup; Dutch-47
– 2nd Place; Best Sativa; 2016 Dope Cup Awards; Dutch-47
– 3rd Place; Terpinolene; The Original Terpestival and Terpene Tournament; Dutch-47
– 3rd Place; Myrcene; The Original Terpestival and Terpene Tournament; Dutch-47

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“Damn, this Dutch-47 doesn’t mess around. Even as an experienced smoker, on the first hit I am THERE!”

Blazin’ Nightfire OG
White Fire x White Nightmare
  • Adventurous & Zesty
  • Super chatty
  • Be Mr./Ms. Popular at Happy Hour

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“Blazin’ Nightfire OG is my go-to when I am out and about with friends, but also when I want to be a laundry ninja at home.”

Blazin’ Grapefruit
PNY Legacy
  • Refreshing & Smooth
  • Awakens the senses
  • Head outside and enjoy nature

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“Your Grapefruit brings on a delightful body tingle that rolls up from my shoulders and then hits the head. I love it!” 

Blazin’ Strawberry Cough
Strawberry Fields x Haze
  • Fresh & Strawberry
  • Brings brightness & clarity
  • Instant happy vibes!

– Finalist; Caryophyllene; 2017 The Original Terpestival and Terpene Tournament
– Finalist; Humulene; 2017 The Original Terpestival and Terpene Tournament

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“The skunky, berry flavors will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria that is sure to leave a smile on your face.”

Blazin’ Trinity Hash Plant
Dutch Hash Plant x PNW Hash Plant
13:1 CBD to THC
  • Bright & Earthy
  • Channel your creative flow
  • Music festival favorite

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“Once again, this Trinity makes me love the outside world. Bright colors and sounds manifest themselves into a poem of love for Mother nature in my heart. Thank you Trinity Hash Plant! P.S. Great cure job as usual.”

Blazin’ Harlequin
Legacy Columbian Gold x Thai x Switzerland X Nepal
2:1 CBD to THC
  • Happy & Evergreen
  • Brings balance and clarity
  • Anytime go-to favorite

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“Blazin’ Harlequin is the ultimate soccer mom strain. It keeps me clear while the CBD gives me relief for long busy days.”

Blazin’ Dutch Treat #5
Dutch Legacy
  • Cerebral & Citrus-Berry
  • Body relaxation
  • Hit the hiking trails

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“This is one of those hybrid strains where you think you need another bowl and so you load it, only to come back to it an hour later still green and you’re still high as hell.”

Blazin’ Cinex
Vortex x Cinderella 99
  • Delightful & Lemony
  • Replace your nightly glass of wine
  • Relaxing evenings at home

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“This strain is PERFECT for alleviating all of the problems I encounter each month due to painful PMS.”

Blazin’ Pure Power Plant
White Widow x Power Plant
  • Mellow & Floral
  • Recharge yourself
  • Camping trips with friends

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“Tastes so good, I was chewing on my exhale. Toasty flavor and mellow vibes!”

Blazin’ Space Wrangler OG
Alien OG x Cinex
  • Heavy & Kiefy
  • Tingly body
  • Make and produce music

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This unique strain is one of the staff’s favorites for its respiratory relief, easing a stomach ache and helping induce appetite.”

Blazin’ Pennywise
Jack the Ripper x Harlequin
  • Sweet & Toasty
  • Mellow, soothing high
  • Perfect after any & all physical activities

Finalist; Most Broadly Therapeutic; 2017 The Original Terpestival and Terpene Tournament
– Finalist; CBD and Terpenes; 2017 The Original Terpestival and Terpene Tournament

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“Tastes like sugar coated toasted hazelnuts!”

Blazin’ 9# Hammer
Goo Berry x Jesus OG
  • Relaxing & Citrusy
  • Bedtime snack
  • Embrace a massive chill day

-Northwest Leaf Strain of the Month, July 2016
– 3rd Place; Pinene; The Original Terpestival and Terpene Tournament; 9# Hammer

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“Man, I have to be careful with your 9# Hammer, it takes me to higher dimensions in one hit!”

Blazin’ Northern Lights
Afghani Legacy
  • Dreamy
  • Sweet Pine
  • Numbing

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“Well known throughout the global cannabis community, seasoned veterans and new smokers alike fully enjoy the notes of pine and lemon hitting the palette while the body experiences floaty body effects.”

Blazin’ GG#4
Sour Dubb x Chem Sister
  • Euphoric & Sour
  • Heavy body relaxation
  • Light, lucid high

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“Fair warning – you’ll eat lots of cereal and toast. It’s that smiley, quiet, heady high that’ll have you on the couch and eating munchies. Really great for Netflix and chill nights with friends. Your body has that warm pulse high… That body blanket that makes you feel cozy as f*ck and that life is just dandy.” 


4 Strains, 4 different experiences
4 Chilled Out Experiences
4 Energetic Experiences
4 Strains, 4 different experiences
4 Strains, 4 different experiences